5D Conference at FMX : Designing Immersive Experiences

For the first time in Europe, at fmx/09, 5D will present a track of sessions themed to the interaction of creativity and technology in worldbuilding and storytelling in visual art, entertainment, and environmental design.

THe 5D panels are hosted by production designer Alex McDowell, co-director of 5D, whose panel is titled “Creation”; Chris Scoates, director of the University Art Museum at Cal State Long Beach and co-director of 5D (a panel on “Imagination”); production designer Kim Baumann Larsen, founding partner and creative director of Placebo Effects (“Construction)”; Habib Zargarpour, senior art director, EA (“Perception”); and Tali Krakowski, director of experience design, who heads a think-tank at WET Design (“Interaction”).

5D Europe will open new doors into transmedia storytelling and world building through this immersive design discussion.

Check out all the 5D immersion design panels

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