Ich Bin ein Avatar: Coca-cola Superbowl 09 mixed reality ad

Avatars everywhere in the City from a Superbowl Coca-Cola ad, where people are rezzing in-and-out of their virtual worlds characters in their everyday life, in their everyday world(s).

As far as virtual lives imply shared experiences and persistent worlds/characters, they are as real as “real” can get. But this is not how virtual lives have been perceived so far. Now this Coke ad simply blurs the boundaries between real lives and virtual lives marking a significant cultural shift in how virtual worlds and virtual identities are perceived and paving the road for a more mainstream mixed and augmented reality culture.

And btw, they’ve gone cross-world as well! The guy sitting at the table outside (00:19) has got 4 avatars and is switching from one to another in a matter of seconds… I bet he has got a Myrl account!

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