3D Sex and Zen: porn movies gone immersive

Every immersive technology is literally ob-scene because it shatters the scenic relation between the audience and the representation, which is typical of frontal non-immersive media. So in a way, 3D porn has always been one of, if not  the most obvious match for immersive media, and yet probably the latest one to be seriously put into practice.

Don’t get me wrong, the porn industry has always been at the forefront of applying immersive technology for the enjoyment of its audience, just think of the first stereoscopic pictures, 3D erotic movies in the 60s or teledildonics; but somehow the whole cinematic porn experience hasn’t really managed so far to be enhanced by the pleasures of immersion.

Now Hong Kong filmakers are about to start shooting the first pornographic 3D movie, a $4m remake of the famous Sex and Zen, which should be released next Christmas.

A Hong Kong-based special effects company that has worked on major blockbusters including The Nightmare Before Christmas 3D will help produce the 3D images for the movie.

The producers hope the movie will cash in on the craze for 3D films in Hong Kong where 55% of takings for last year’s hit film Journey to the Centre of the Earth came from the 3D version.

Red light cinemas attendance, and cinema in general, has been dropping consistently over the past 20 years. Now shattering the scenic relation to let the audience right into the middle of the action seems to be the fastest way to bring more people back into the theaters: “Just imagine that you’ll be watching it as if you were sitting beside the bed,” Stephen Shiu Jnr told the Sunday Morning Post.

But is the good old passive 3D tech with no interactivity at all going to be enough to revive the cinematic experience? And is this going to be an isolated episode, or could it be the beginning of a revolution in the porn industry?

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