Ridemakerz Virtual World launches closed beta

Built by The Electric Sheep on his Webflock platform, Ridemakerz is a web based virtual world aimed at kids 6-12 who love cars… Anyone? Invites available for Techcrunch Readers here

Just given birth to Dusty Radical, my RZ avatar, exploring the loops. As TC described it back in December, RZ combines “social network, video games, and a complex inventory system. Boys can design their own virtual cars online just like they can in the store. . . . Depending on what parts a boy picks, it will affect the performance of his ride.”

My main concern after playing around a bit is the racing experience: I’m undecided between an Outrun on steroids, or a Need for Speed on crutches. Ok it’s for kids and I could be completely wrong here, but my inner kid raised the left eyebrow. Well, I guess the only way to be sure is forwarding a couple of invites to my nephews… we’ll see.

For now, one of the coolest features is the direct connection between the car the kid buys in store, and the car he can drive inworld, which should be an exact replica. Enough talking, off to racing!

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