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Chants of Virtuality > Monkeys Discover Hyperspace aka Return to the Logos. (Terence McKenna, 1983)

(1983, 14 May) Hallucinogens: Monkeys Discover Hyperspace aka Return to the Logos. Psychedelic Conference II, 1983 Presented: University of California, Santa Barbara. More and more the imagination is where we spend our time. Theres a lot of talk these days about virtual reality. An immersive state of the art technology in which you put on [...]

Immersion Drama

How storytelling and narratives are changing in a digitally connected world, at The Book Club in Shoreditch, tonight. Guests for the night are Dan Hon, co-founder of award-winning multi-platform storytellers Six To Start, who have made everything from treasure hunts for the band Muse to Channel 4’s social networking game/cautionary tale Smokescreen; Jade Tidy, producer [...]

3D buildings for New York City in Google Earth

See New York City, NY in Google Earth with new, high-quality 3D imagery (street level detail). Download Google Earth at All it needs now is an avatar system…

Twinity’s Virtual Singapore about to open

Twinity announces the upcoming opening of its second international capital – virtual Singapore. More info here on how to join the city beta

Everything you know about virtual worlds is WRONG – MetaMeets 09, Amsterdam

Francesco D'Orazio – Everything you know about virtual worlds is WRONG – MetaMeets 09, Amsterdam View more Presenations from Francesco D’orazio. Patterns and challenges in the evolution of immersive entertainment, virtual worlds and the 3D Web. Also, all the wrongest things you could possibly say at a virtual worlds conference.

WoW POD: play immersive World of Warcraft, Southpark style

Cati Vaucelle from MIT and artists Shada / Jahn designed an immersive chinese box, the WoW POD, a physical immersive environment that incapsulate a virtual immersive environment. “The WOW Pod is an immersive architectural solution for the advanced World of Warcraft player that provides and anticipates all life needs. Inside, the gamer finds him/herself comfortable [...]

Future Virtual Worlds

World Builder from Bruce Branit on Vimeo.

Kzero Virtual Worlds Universe Graph [Updated February 2009]

The virtual universe is getting more and more crowded with hundred of worlds up and running or in development. Here’s the nifty map designed by Resident Experts in Virtual Worlds Kzero that will help you navigate this space. The set of charts displays virtual worlds per age group, showing launch date, status, user-base (total registered [...]

Parallel Selves and cross-world interactions

The Parallel Selves Message Bridge is a new addition to the code forge of OpenSimulator, the “Apache for virtual worlds” project, featured on OStatic last year. The Bridge makes it possible for users within one OpenSim world to send IMs to users currently logged into another Second Life-compatible world. This also means OpenSim users can [...]

Ich Bin ein Avatar: Coca-cola Superbowl 09 mixed reality ad

Avatars everywhere in the City from a Superbowl Coca-Cola ad, where people are rezzing in-and-out of their virtual worlds characters in their everyday life, in their everyday world(s). As far as virtual lives imply shared experiences and persistent worlds/characters, they are as real as “real” can get. But this is not how virtual lives have [...]