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CONVEX – Audiovisual Performance

CONVEX – Audiovisual Performance from Damien Schneider on Vimeo. Audiovisual performance by: Damien Schneider (apologue recordings) Joanie Lemercier (AntiVJ) 360 Projections in a dome RFID Dome: 14th March 2010 @ Bloc festival 29th August 2010 @ Shambala festival 26th September 2010 @ Bristol Festival

3 architectural projection mapping projects

Battle of Branchage from seeper on Vimeo. Battle of Branchage. Architectural Projection Mapping @ Branchage Film Festival 2009 ACDC Vs Iron Man 2 – Architectural Projection Mapping on Rochester Castle from seeper on Vimeo. Arts and technology collective Seeper collaborated with Flat-e on this architectural projection mapping project for Sony Music. The ancient facade of [...]

T_Visionarium: explore and actively edit a multitude of stories in three dimensions

T_Visionarium 360 3D Installation from Karel & Sjaak on Vimeo. T_Visionarium was created for the UNSW iCinema Centre’s Advanced Interaction and Visualisation Environment (AVIE), and it offers the means to capture and re-present televisual information, allowing viewers to explore and actively edit a multitude of stories in three dimensions. For T_Visionarium, 28 hours of digital free-to-air [...]

ZEE, new Immersive Experience from Kurt Hentschlager just opened in New York

(October 9, 2009, New York, NY)  Exhilarating and meditative, Kurt Hentschläger’s stroboscopic, mind-altering ZEE pushes the boundaries of perception and creates an intense audiovisual journey  – complete with hallucination. This is the latest installation by Hentschläger, known for constructing immersive environments that fuse sound, video, performance, and sensory overload. ZEE will have its New York [...]

Walking in My Mind

Immersive large-scale installation art exhibit at Hayward Gallery in London. 10 artists have been asked to represent the inner workings of their imagination as inhabitable immersive environments each of which represents an individual mindscape.  Artists include: Charles Avery, Thomas Hirschhorn, Yayoi Kusama, Bo Christian Larsson, Mark Manders, Yoshitomo Nara, Jason Rhoades, Pipilotti Rist, Chiharu Shiota and [...]