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Rules of engagement: Applying Game Mechanics to Social Media

Functional is great but often boring, playful is fun but often not accessible. Engaging online experiences combine both. Here’s how.

Total Immersion Art | FEED: an ob-scene performance

I’ve experienced FEED in 2006 at at Netmage, in Bologna, Italy. So what’s the point in going three years back in time and talk about it now? Well, for starters, Kurt Hentschlager‘s performance is one of the most powerful and invasive performances I ever experienced. And it’s definitely one of the most intelligent implementations of the idea of [...]

Everything you know about Alternate Reality Games is WRONG

Brilliant and insightful presentation delivered by Dan Hon from Six To Start at the Let’s Change the Game conference held in London on Friday 5 December 2008. Basically a talk about the taboos of ARGs, devastatingly true and hard to ignore but absolutely crucial for building a solid alternate reality gaming industry. Just to set the [...]

Theme Parks in Virtual Worlds: why do they leave us cold?

  I love theme/amusement parks in virtual worlds and being able to experience rides that would be impossible to experience in a real amusement park. Or maybe what I really love is the idea of an immersive medium simulating another immersive medium. But I’m also fascinated by the fact that virtual amusement park rides really [...]

“Necessary complexity” in immersive environments

Complexity plays a crucial role in generating a sense of presence in an immersive environment. To immerse the user into  the fictional universe, interactive systems have to achieve a sufficient level of complexity at three levels: spatial, procedural and symbolic. As Slashdot reports, Massively is running a story about Google’s short-lived virtual environment, Lively. The [...]

How to Build a Universe That Doesn’t Fall Apart Two Days Later, by Philip K. Dick, 1978

It is my job to create universes, as the basis of one novel after another. And I have to build them in such a way that they do not fall apart two days later. Or at least that is what my editors hope. However, I will reveal a secret to you: I like to build [...]

Immersion Timeline: a collaborative history of immersive communication

This is a collaborative timeline for the history of immersive communication. It will eventually include music, marketing, art, videogames, software, cinema and many other topics, but for now I started it including the original Virtual Worlds Collaborative timeline created by Annie Ok on Dipity. Feel free to add your bits and pieces, from planetariums to [...]

What is an immersive experience? Total institutions, exhibition strategies and the sense of presence

I’ll be as platform agnostic as possible as immersive experiences can be designed in many different areas of communication and using different techologies and languages, from music to gaming, from art to marketing, from software to architecture, from learning to entertainment. What they all share is a basic set of features, the same communication model. [...]

The Makers of Universes

What links planetariums, zoos, ambient music, alternate reality games, fantasy novels, virtual worlds and the good old cheesy theme parks? They are all designed to provide immersive experiences. And even if they use very different means to achieve immersion, they all share the same idea of communication: rather than frontally transmitting contents from a source [...]