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The Spikey Rise of Immersion, 1990 on

When games invade real life

PS3 Games – E3 2010 – Guitar Hero 5 Beyond Facebook, beyond consoles and even computer screens, games are becoming the medium for everyday life. Games are invading the real world — and the runaway popularity of Farmville and Guitar Hero is just the beginning. This additional layer that’s being progressively laid on top of [...]

Walking in My Mind

Immersive large-scale installation art exhibit at Hayward Gallery in London. 10 artists have been asked to represent the inner workings of their imagination as inhabitable immersive environments each of which represents an individual mindscape.  Artists include: Charles Avery, Thomas Hirschhorn, Yayoi Kusama, Bo Christian Larsson, Mark Manders, Yoshitomo Nara, Jason Rhoades, Pipilotti Rist, Chiharu Shiota and [...]

smellofbooks: how to make an e-book reading experience more ‘real’

How about a bacon flavored Treasure Island on Kindle? Brilliant, I wish they were nuts enough to do it for real: Does your Kindle leave you feeling like there’s something missing from your reading experience? Have you been avoiding e-books because they just don’t smell right? If you’ve been hesitant to jump on the e-book [...]

Augmented Reality and the future of immersive media

Just watch it. Robert Rice of Neogence at Mobile Monday Amsterdam

Everything you know about virtual worlds is WRONG – MetaMeets 09, Amsterdam

Francesco D'Orazio – Everything you know about virtual worlds is WRONG – MetaMeets 09, Amsterdam View more Presenations from Francesco D’orazio. Patterns and challenges in the evolution of immersive entertainment, virtual worlds and the 3D Web. Also, all the wrongest things you could possibly say at a virtual worlds conference.

Status Updates: the corner stone of the ambient communication model

Tune in-to or out-of information. As technology becomes transparent, information becomes ubiquitous and connections grow exponentially, we are more and more immersed in an information scape. Rather than receiving or seeking information we inhabit information bubbles made of the sounds generated by our connections. Which also means, that we communicate more and more exactly like [...]

5D Conference at FMX : Designing Immersive Experiences

For the first time in Europe, at fmx/09, 5D will present a track of sessions themed to the interaction of creativity and technology in worldbuilding and storytelling in visual art, entertainment, and environmental design. THe 5D panels are hosted by production designer Alex McDowell, co-director of 5D, whose panel is titled “Creation”; Chris Scoates, director [...]

AlloSphere: Immersive Data Visualization.

Composer JoAnn Kuchera-Morin demos the “AlloSphere, an entirely new way to see and interpret scientific data, in full color and surround sound inside a massive metal sphere. Dive into the brain, feel electron spin, hear the music of the elements…”   Based at UCSB, the Allosphere and its 3D immersive theater maps complex data in [...]