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Emma Willard’s “Temple of Time” #timeline #infographics #3D

Emma Willard’s “Temple of Time” #timeline #infographics #3D

dynamic 3D visualization of twitter activity spread across the planet

GoodMorning! – Full Render #1 from blprnt on Vimeo. GoodMorning! is a Twitter visualization tool which shows about 11,000 tweets collected over a 24 hour period between August 20th and 21st. The tweets were harvested to find people saying ‘good morning’ in English as well as several other languages. The tweets appear as blocks and [...]

Themepark ride infographics: Inside Disney’s Matterhorn

Celebrating the ride’s 50th anniversary, Disney gives us a rare Inside look at the Matterhorn at Disneyland in Anaheim, CA. [via Cool Infographics]

AlloSphere: Immersive Data Visualization.

Composer JoAnn Kuchera-Morin demos the “AlloSphere, an entirely new way to see and interpret scientific data, in full color and surround sound inside a massive metal sphere. Dive into the brain, feel electron spin, hear the music of the elements…”   Based at UCSB, the Allosphere and its 3D immersive theater maps complex data in [...]