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‘cloudscape’ by german climate engineering firm transsolar and japanese firm tetsuo kondo architects explores the poetic nature of clouds with their installation at the 12th international architecture binnale in venice, italy this year. by controlling the microclimate of the space in the arsenale building, a layer of artificial clouds are made to hover above the [...]

Plastikman Live: memories, immersion, co-creation and reactive music

Are music performances morphing into proper sensory environments that live beyond the space and time of the performance itself? Sonar 2010 Plastikman Live has been one of best music performances I’ve ever been part of and although still firmly anchored to the stage/performance model it introduces a combination of elements which are definitely pointing in [...]

ZEE, new Immersive Experience from Kurt Hentschlager just opened in New York

(October 9, 2009, New York, NY)  Exhilarating and meditative, Kurt Hentschläger’s stroboscopic, mind-altering ZEE pushes the boundaries of perception and creates an intense audiovisual journey  – complete with hallucination. This is the latest installation by Hentschläger, known for constructing immersive environments that fuse sound, video, performance, and sensory overload. ZEE will have its New York [...]

Experiential Art: Olly and Suzi paint predators

Olly Williams and Suzi Winstanley, wildlife artists who simultaneously work on the same painting of exotic and endangered animals, paint the direct experience of the wilderness by immersing themselves in the animal habitat while facing direct contact with the predator. In 2008 BBC Four Storyville has followed the two artists documenting some of their expeditions. Forget the [...]