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Immersion Drama

How storytelling and narratives are changing in a digitally connected world, at The Book Club in Shoreditch, tonight. Guests for the night are Dan Hon, co-founder of award-winning multi-platform storytellers Six To Start, who have made everything from treasure hunts for the band Muse to Channel 4’s social networking game/cautionary tale Smokescreen; Jade Tidy, producer [...]

Everything you know about virtual worlds is WRONG – MetaMeets 09, Amsterdam

Francesco D'Orazio – Everything you know about virtual worlds is WRONG – MetaMeets 09, Amsterdam View more Presenations from Francesco D’orazio. Patterns and challenges in the evolution of immersive entertainment, virtual worlds and the 3D Web. Also, all the wrongest things you could possibly say at a virtual worlds conference.

Routes: discover the secrets in your genes

“Is your destiny mapped out in your genes? Play Routes over the next 8 weeks and find out. Dig deep enough and who knows what secrets you might uncover…?” The frontier fields of bio-technology and genetic research get together with immersive storytelling to deliver a cutting edge alternate reality gaming experience which aims at creating [...]

Everything you know about Alternate Reality Games is WRONG

Brilliant and insightful presentation delivered by Dan Hon from Six To Start at the Let’s Change the Game conference held in London on Friday 5 December 2008. Basically a talk about the taboos of ARGs, devastatingly true and hard to ignore but absolutely crucial for building a solid alternate reality gaming industry. Just to set the [...]