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Immersive design for cinema & visual music. Introducing Ron Arad’s Curtain Call

Ron Arad and his team reveal the ideas behind Curtain Call – an interactive 360 degree installation at the Roundhouse in London, 9-29 August 2011. Ron, Julian Gilhespie (architect) and Michael Castellana (industrial designer) talk about the journey so far and what you can expect. A modern panorama-like setup, Ron Arad’s “Curtain Call” will be [...]

Plastikman Live: memories, immersion, co-creation and reactive music

Are music performances morphing into proper sensory environments that live beyond the space and time of the performance itself? Sonar 2010 Plastikman Live has been one of best music performances I’ve ever been part of and although still firmly anchored to the stage/performance model it introduces a combination of elements which are definitely pointing in [...]

Immersion Drama

How storytelling and narratives are changing in a digitally connected world, at The Book Club in Shoreditch, tonight. Guests for the night are Dan Hon, co-founder of award-winning multi-platform storytellers Six To Start, who have made everything from treasure hunts for the band Muse to Channel 4’s social networking game/cautionary tale Smokescreen; Jade Tidy, producer [...]

3-D Rave mayhem at Bangface weekender 09

This years Bangface Weekender rave theme is space… Official Neo-Rave marking the launch of the Hubble Space Telescope on 24 April 1990… Come dressed as aliens, atronauts & space monkeys. And do not miss the 3-D Rave: your free goggles will turn room 2 into a shape-throwing-asteroid-field of mayhem

CREATED WORLDS at Sundance Film Festival

On Jan 22 at noon, 5D’s founder Production Designer Alex McDowell (Watchmen, Fight Club) will moderate a panel of top film industry innovators in a discussion on how new technologies have redefined cinematic storytelling. Alex will be joined by 5D|08 panelists Habib Zargarpour (Electronic Arts) &, Tracy Fullerton (USC Interactive Media Division), as well as [...]